Snow Sea
Arkhangelsk Seaweed Factory
Russian Federation
the North-western Region
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Snow Sea

Snow Sea

Snow Sea

Arkhangelsk Seaweed Factory

Snow Sea

Corporate social responsibility has been an unchanged concept of our company for over a century.Our factory,which extracts seaweed, was established by scientists as a supplier of iodine in the distant 1918 for the benefit of the people in Russia during the First World Warand during times of great disruption of medicines supplies on military fronts.

“SNOWSEA” is a unique brand that supplies ecologically clean and natural raw materials from seaweed of the White Sea to the European Union and Southeast Asia markets. Our entire business process is social, and we proudly honor this responsibility.


“SNOWSEA”brown Laminaria and Fukusseaweed are extracted in an environmentally sound area of ​​the White Sea around the Solovetsky Islands. The special climatic and biological conditions of the extraction area allow brown seaweed to absorb a unique set of active agents in a short period of time. At the age of 2–3 years, the wild northern seaweed are maximally saturated with alginic acid, mannitol, polysaccharides, macro- and microelements, amino acids, polysaturatedfatty acids and a wide range of vitamins.

The geography of our seaweed extraction site is a highly environmental representationof our raw materials, which is especially important for the social value of products.



Our company “SNOWSEA” bears a great social responsibility to the nature of the Northern region of Russia and its inhabitants. That`s why for over a century, sea gifts from nature are extracted(only manually) from a depth of 5-6 meters. Underwater plants are cut without harming the underwater world.


The way of drying and processing seaweed raw materials is a special, socially significant component of our business process. Seaweed drying occurs exclusively organicallyand does not harm the environment or its residents. Only the sun and the sea wind are engaged in the process! Due to the natural drying process, seaweed retain all the accumulated agents! We strictly follow environmental standards.


“SNOWSEA” seaweed is created by nature and contains almost the entire periodic tableand a wide range of vitamins in its composition.

The first priority and social responsibility of our company is to extract and process seaweed without losing the beneficial properties and substances in order to deliver the product to the final consumer.

“SNOWSEA” seaweed is a raw material for the processing of medical, cosmetic, food and agricultural industry supplies.

Seaweed is used as a valuable food additive that is often added to pet, cattle and livestock feed. In the cosmetic industry, seaweed masks based on brown algae are particularly popular. They are moisturizing, inflammation reducing, andgive skin a lift-effect.

Our working process is laborious, but we are striving to make the White Sea`s beneficial seaweed available not only to the residents of Russia, but to all those who could greatly benefit from it.


“SNOWSEA” is the brand of the largest wild seaweed extraction enterprise in the North of Russia. The company provides jobs and social guarantees not only to residents of the city of Arkhangelsk, but to other cities of Russia. In the seaweed extraction season, it employs residents of small villages in the Solovetsky Islands region, where the level of unemployment is high. Highly skilled seaweed harvesters can earn a decent salary during the harvesting season, which is much higher than the regional average.

For many decades, we have paid great attention to the quality of seaweed raw materials, to innovations in its processing and storage, to social and environmental aspects. Our enterprise always strives and meets the highest quality standards.

Today we are open to cooperation with large and small European manufacturers, we are ready for multi-tonnage and small supplies of seaweed raw materials to enterprises in Europe and Southeast Asia. We are also assured of the high quality of our products and meet the high requirements of our potential partners!

We are already prepared to send you samples of our products. Simply contact us and leave us your preferred contact information!